WALKING PLANS – Nov 2022 to April 2023                                                

6-Nov-22APluais na ScríobOS 84John Skilling089 4991755Mary Murphy085 2142590Meet in the Square 9.AM
13-Nov-22BCastletownbere to RossmackowenOS 84Ingrid Koefoed083 8281134Nuala Connor086 8844543Meet in the Square 10 AM
20-Nov-22ACarrig to PeakeenOS 78James O'Farrell086 8377764Brendan O'Sullivan086 8096594Meet in the Square 9.AM
Sat-26 Nov-22B+Night NavigationOS 84Ger Canty087 2583712Pat O'Sullivan085 1740684Meet in the Square 7.PM
4-Dec-22ATunnels to Priests LeapOS 85Carol Harling086 8766323Frances O'Sullivan087 7474542Meet in the Square 9.AM
11-Dec-22BBarnageehy to DurrusOS 85/88Nick Caffrey083 3571415Mary O'Sullivan087 6750702Meet in the Square 10AM
18-Dec-22ABonane LoopOS 85Pat O'Sullivan085 1740684Michael Randles086 8191635Meet in the Square 9.AM
26-Dec-22AllKenmare LoopOS 78Mary O'Farrell087 7797046Ann O'Connor086 4033490Meet in the Square 12.Noon
8-Jan-23ALough DubhOS 78/HDenis O'Sullivan087 2385604Sheila O'Sullivan087 4103347Meet in the Square 9.AM
15-Jan-23BBere Island CentralOS 84Ger Canty087 2583712Julia O'Connor086 6074613Details to follow
22-Jan-23ABoughilOS 78/HDermot Corkery085 1741410Jerry Foley087 2724902Meet in the Square 9.AM
29-Jan-23BRabach's GlenOS 84Mary O'Sullivan087 6750702John Skilling089 4991755Meet in the Square 10AM
5-Feb-23AMiskish MountainOS 84Peter O'Sullivan087 7450168Andrew Cornyn087 6486108Meet in the Square 9.AM
Sat-11-Feb-22AllTorc Night HikeOS 78/HPat O'Sullivan085 1740684Eilish Mahony087 2378411Meet in the Square 7.PM
Sat-18-Feb-23All***AGM*** AGM*** AGM***8PM Family Resource Centre
19-Feb-23AllGortamullen HillOS 78Trevor Langley087 2473252Assumpta Foley087 7860821Meet in the Square 10.AM
26-Feb-23AKnockboyOS 85Reg Blake089 7062522Denis O'Sullivan087 2385604Meet in the Square 9.AM
5-Mar-23BKilcrohane to AhakistaOS 88Tina O'Sullivan087 7856505Mary Kelly086 4040494Meet in the Square 10AM
12-Mar-23AllDay Navigation Glass LoughsOS 78/HMary Murphy085 2142590Peter O'Sullivan087 7450168Meet in the Square 10AM
19-Mar-23AThe PapsOS 79Gary Chi Kin Li089 7062522Carol Harling086 8766323Meet in the Square 9.AM
26-Mar-23BTomies WoodOS 78/HEilish Mahony087 2378411Therese Morley087 6765635Meet in the Square 10AM
2-Apr-23AKnocknadobarOS 83Donal O'Sullivan085 1741330Ann Hickey086 0704647Meet in the Square 9.AM
16-Apr-23BMuckross Lake CircuitOS 78/HMaureen O'Riordan086 8397328Rita Tuohy083 8176446Meet in the Square 10AM
23-Apr-23AllWalking Club 40th BirthdayDetails to follow
30-Apr-23AMount BrandonOS 70Ger Canty087 2583712Denis O'Sullivan087 2385604Meet in the Square 9.AM
Note 1: An unavailable walk leader should make arrangements with another club member to lead the walk.
Note 2 : Where possible walk leader should contact land owners involved in advance of walk
Note 3: "H" in the Map field refers to Harvey Macgillycuddy's Reeks Map, Scale 1:30,000
Note 4: Dogs not allowed on any walk or other club activities
Note 5: All walkers must adhere to government and HSE covid advice.
Note 6: Own or shared transport required. If car sharing travel arrangements must be made with your driver prior to arriving in the square.


Non-members are asked to contact walk leaders beforehand.

Please be aware that mountaineering is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death. I am aware of and shall accept these risks and wish to participate in these activities voluntarily and shall be responsible for my own actions and involvement.

MOUNTAINEERING encompasses Climbing, Scrambling, Hillwalking, Rambling.

Note: Where possible, walk leaders are requested to contact land owners in advance of walk. Leaders should ensure that walk log sheet is completed and signed for each walk.

“OS” in the Map Field refers to Ordinance Survey (OSi) Discovery Series of Maps, “H” in the Map field refers to Harvey Macgillycuddy’s Reeks Map, Scale 1:30,000. 

Evening Walks

Check back later for a list of  this years Summer walks.

Please note the following points:

  • We all walk at our own risk
  • Children under 16 years must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian
  • Dogs not allowed

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